PlybooFit 1/4" Performance Flooring and Underlayment System

Neopolitan Bamboo Flooring

PlybooFit is an underlayment system created to improve the performance of Plyboo bamboo floors.

This 93% post-consumer, recycled, rubber-padded subfloor unit absorbs the impact of any workout and is an ideal addition to any fitness facility, yoga studio, theater or residence.

PlybooFit is “fit” for retail, as it offers comfort during long standing situations and absorbs the pressure on tired legs, feet, and knees. Contact us to discover how PlybooFit can work in your salon, retail location, fitness facility or home.

PlybooFit is an underlayment made specially for fitness facilities, rooms that see a lot of activity, areas where people are active with lighter support shoes or no shoes at all, and in work situations where employees stand for a long time. This versatile padded underlayment can be purchased with any Plyboo or Durapalm brand floor. Ask a representative why PlybooFit is a good choice, today.

Technical Product Information: 



Flooring: 100% bamboo

Underlayment Pad: 93% post-consumer recycled rubber


For standard sizes, finish, fire rating, Janka Ball hardness test results, dimensional stability test results, and finish ratings, please contact a Plyboo representative for system specific information:

Phone: 866-835-9859


LEED® credits

IEQc4.3: Low-Emitting Materials - Flooring Systems (No Added Urea Formaldehyde)

MRc6: Rapidly Renewable Materials

MRc7: Certified Wood

MRc4: Recycled Content


total weight varies by system

LEED® Credits Possible: 
MRc4: Recycled Content
PlybooFit underlayment systems for fitness and retail are made with 93% post consumer recycled rubber

PlybooFit™ Underlayment System
100% Post Consumer Recycled Rubber
1/4” thick rubber padding

PlybooFit Performance Underlayment Padding can be paired with any Plyboo or Durapalm floor for a complete flooring system.


PlybooFit™ is an underlayment system designed to enhance the performance of our bamboo flooring for stage, dance, yoga, fitness, retail, commercial, or general home comfort uses. The underlayment system is made of 93% post consumer recycled rubber and is installed underneath Plyboo bamboo flooring. It is extremely versatile and can work in multiple situations. Please visit our blog to learn more about PlybooFit underlayment systems. The diagram above shows the tongue and groove floor over the 1/4" pad.



The diagram above is of the 3/8" click-lock strand bamboo floor over the 1/4" pad.



The diagram above is of the 3/8" strand bamboo tongue-and-groove floor over the 1/4" pad.



The diagram above is of the 9/16" click-lock strand bamboo floor over the 1/4" pad.