Partnering with Oregon State University and University of Oregon

Recently we donated a large amount of Plyboo bamboo plywood and partnered with Oregon State University's Renewable Materials and University of Oregon's Product Design schools for a program called Avery Wood Products, a collaborative class aiming to design, prototype, and produce an outstanding product. This year the project demands its students' best efforts to create a brand, product, and teams dedicated to using Plyboo. The team of advantageous creators and innovators are given an extraordinary opportunity to incorporate its collectively diverse skills, backgrounds, and areas of study to take on a real world entrepreneurial excursion. 

To take a look at this the process the students underwent in this program (highly recommended), click here:

From instructor Ruth Fore, to Smith & Fong founder Dan Smith:

"We are currently in the final few weeks of the term and are almost finished with the production of our Plyboo products! UO and OSU students have been working hard to design, fabricate, market, and sell their designs. With half of the products complete, we began on campus sales this week and are planning more future sales, as well as sales to retailers next week. You can check out to see how the term progressed and what products the students decided to fabricate and sell. Let me know if you have any questions for us or if you would like more information about the project. Also, thank you again for donating such a fantastic material, everyone has enjoyed working with the Plyboo!"

Ruth Fore

Wood Science and Engineering | Oregon State University

Richardson Hall | Corvallis, OR 97331