Durapalm Woven at Eight Cuisine in Sebastapol

Chef Steven Zhao's Eight Cuisine in Sebastapol, California, used Durapalm Palm Woven panels for a feature wall in the restaurant's dining area. Little cubbyholes were then created to display art and decorative pieces, making a particularly interesting application of our woven palm finish. 

A little about the restaurant: when Chef Zhao first started creating the ideas that became Eight Cuisine and Wine, he knew he wanted to bring together a wide range of Asian flavors with the fresh ingredients found locally in Sonoma County.

While Wolfgang Puck is often credited with the first Asian Fusion restaurant in the 1980s, the fusion of different flavors and ingredients really dates back to the times of colonial expansion, migration and trade. As cultures, food, spices and flavors mixed, the foods produced were the original fusion.

Throughout Asia the number 8 represents good fortune and prosperity. Pronounced bā, it sounds similar to fā, meaning wealth and fortune. The number 8 is very popular and is sought after for phone numbers, house numbers, license plates and important dates. For example, the Beijing Olympic Games commenced at 8:08pm on August 8, 2008.

We love the story behind the restaurant's name, not to mention its interior design. And the food is excellent too!