Linear Sound Collection

Modern and optically fascinating, the Linear Sound series of carved acoustical panels are Plyboo’s most daring and innovative to date. With a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of .7 they can be used in any interior for its function and dynamic design potential.

Warm Stone Stiletto Bamboo Flooring

Your boots were made for walking all over our Stiletto strand bamboo floors.  Stiletto is as fashion forward as you are, and it’s just as tough. Its timelessness, however, doesn’t end with its attractiveness. Stiletto is built to stand up to whatever you put down.

The need to design a bamboo floor that shattered the stereotypes has arrived.  Being strong wasn’t enough; this new floor had to be striking.  On one hot New York City day, Stiletto was born.  This floor takes bamboo flooring to the next level with its color, texture and style.

Stiletto is a 100% bamboo floor made using strand technology.  It’s more than 2 times the hardness of red oak.  Don’t let Stiletto’s luxuriousness fool you. It’s urea formaldehyde-free for better indoor air quality

Product Attributes:

  • Strand bamboo composite flooring
  • 7 Coat Poly and Seal Finish
  • No added urea formaldehyde resin system
  • Dimensions: 9/16” x 5-1/8” x 72-5/8”
  • Weight: 70lbs/box
  • Strength: 3500 psi
  • Passes CA Section 01350 Emissions Standards
  • See CSI for ASTM Test Results
  • 6 Color Options

Good things come in pairs.  Combine Stiletto with an underlayment system to fit your installation needs.

Stiletto is commercial grade flooring, ideal for your business. Stiletto strand bamboo flooring is the toughest around. When this tough as nails floor is paired with PlybooFit for Retail underlayment system, incredible things happen. The system’s ¼” recycled rubber pad absorbs shock which will give your employees relief when in long-standing situations. Stiletto paired with PlybooFit for Retail subfloor system is a popular choice in salons, cafes, and retail establishments.

Living in a condo or shared space? Stiletto is for you.

Stiletto flooring is twice as strong as your old floor, and 5 times as stylish. Whether you like entertaining guests, have a family, or pets, Stiletto can stand up to whatever you toss at it. In multi-family living situations, we suggest pairing Stiletto with PlybooQuiet, an acoustic reduction subfloor system. PlybooQuiet absorbs the pitter-patter of not so little feet, and all the knocks of your busy life.

Zebra patterned bamboo flooring: Neopolitan

Take a walk on the wild side with Neopolitan strand bamboo flooring, our most popular bamboo floor for 5 years running.  People can’t get enough of the zebra striped floor, which explains why it can be found in countless homes, offices, and stores. This energetic floor wins fans every year with its excellent resiliency. All of our PlybooStrand bamboo floors are 3 times the hardness of red oak. Neopolitan proves itself every time as the leader in strength and glamour.

Hardwood bamboo flooring: dark strand

Hot on the heels of our popular Neopolitan strand bamboo floor, Havana strand appeals to the more subdued clientele.  The dark strand floor has garnered attention of Dwell, Sunset.

Amber bamboo plywood

Plyboo’s Edge Grain bamboo plywood has been a top seller season after season. Contractors love the versatility and ease of use of the architectural grade bamboo product. It can be manipulated on any woodworking equipment and uses the same finishes.  The color really resonates with our clients and they can’t stop talking about great a product it is to work with.

Amber bamboo flooring

It’s all in the family with Plyboo’s vertical grain bamboo products.  Much like Amber Edge Grain Bamboo Plywood, our bamboo flooring draws many fans.

Deco Palm Paneling

This Durapalm brand palm wall panel turns heads. After winning in New York House’s Innovative Green Design Awards, Deco Palm has been in high demand. People love how easy it is to install. The finger joint system allows you to just click the panels together to transform the room in no time flat. Everyone that see it falls in love with the highly textural surface. Deco Palm wall panels instantly make any space its installed in a point of interest.

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